Enter Greg Thompson… Who Is This Cute Guy?

GT is a good man with a heart of pure gold. He is a man of great integrity. An honorable, trustworthy, reliable person, and frankly the hardest workin’ guy in town. When you meet this fellow with his brainy-brain, sweet smile, tender nature, his handsome and rugged face, and that signature cowboy hat, well you will want to do business with Greg Thompson. What you see is what you get with Greg.

Greg Thompson Certified Arborist

Yep, he has got loads of super qualities. To start with he’s a loving, dedicated husband and father of 6 beautiful children! He works long, hard days, but comes home happy and ready to play with the kiddies till the sun goes down. But his day doesn’t end there. After dinner, he steps into the home office, gets down to business returning customer calls and emails, getting billing and proposals written up, and scheduling the next days work. What a guy!

Meet Greg ThompsonGreg has been an expert tree surgeon for about thirty years. And a gifted one at that! Not too many tree company owners who are tree surgeons anymore… and not too many tree surgeons spending thirty years in the trees…. He’s awesome. Much of that thirty years he has been a Certified Arborist, which is a very important thing to be if you are working up in the trees, and those trees are on your property… That means its been hands on, every day, climbing the trees, pruning the trees, removing trees, planting trees, serving lots of satisfied customers, hiring, training, and managing crews of men, confronting an infinite variety of tree/landscaping problems, and finding ways to solve them – all day, everyday. He has been in practice for a quarter century, and really, as you will see, he is pure genius with these trees. He’s a natural: he has got some amazing instincts for this business, and is an expert estimator of the work. He knows his stuff.

Greg Thompson ArboristYou have got to see this man work in the trees. It is something to see indeed! Oh it’s a thrill show! You have to treat yourself to it, its like Cirque du Soleil, or Spiderman. He is truly a superhero, both in body and spirit. Just to behold him handling multiple chainsaws with such grace and ease, and the way he makes knots and climbs skyward, stories above the chimney tops, with his intricate rope system. While he is a fast-paced, brilliant technician, one of the loveliest things about Greg is that he’s got such a soft spot for animals. Whenever he is in a tree that must come down, and sees a nest of baby birds or squirrels, he always saves it, and replaces it in the nearest tree so that mama can find it. Isn’t that just beautiful?