A Beautiful Partnership

Greg and MiaWhile still running someone else’s tree company, Greg met his beloved wife. That’s of course the dynamic and unique entrepreneur, Mia Rincon, who became his business partner, and true love. They quickly became inseparable…like peas and carrots. Mia’s the gal you will most likely talk to when you first call our office. Mia grew up in Radnor, Graduated from Villanova, and came from a marketing and business background. She had ironically owned another tree business before she met Greg. On their blind date, Greg and Mia shared their dreams of starting a family business someday – a tree business of their own, and raising their kids into it, you know like the old days.

Thompson FamilyGreg and Wife

From that very first Sunday evening, when no restaurant was open except a little fast-food tex-mex place, they have pushed onward together to make their dreams come true. Almost immediately, they began to build Pennsylvania Tree Service, Inc. fusing together their talents, skills, experience, and most importantly zealous commitment for the tree business. Inseparable, these best friends, two parts of one great, and well oiled machine, have mustered all their hopes and dreams, fueled them with pure positive energy, the devoted love they have for each other, and wake up everyday with gusto, and guts, and push forward with optimism, and moxie.

Greg and Mia ArboristPartnership of Greg and Mia