Climbing to Success

Tree Cleaning UpGreg Thompson grew up like so many of us in these here parts: fishing, hunting. A young lad, always in the woods he was. When just a little 10 year old boy, this local King of Prussia kid, he had a business cutting lawns throughout the neighborhood. He was famous for refurbishing old lawnmowers that he would find in the trash, fixing them up, and then using them to increase his business. He would hire other little kids to mow lawns with him using these old lawnmowers, and multiplied his customer base. But he loved to climb in those tall trees. Couldn’t keep the kid out of the woods. It was this love of trees that lead him to become an apprentice tree surgeon by the time he was 15.

Greg Thompson ArboristHe paid his way through Valley Forge Military Junior College, and later graduated with a B.A. from Ursinus. All done while working loyally for an old established tree service. He remembers attending night classes straight from work and the sawdust covering his shirt would get all over the place. His long-term goal was to realize his dream of becoming a Certified Arborist. He reached those early goals, and attends continuing education courses to stay on top of his game, even today, years later. He went on to become the very backbone of another tree company. He championed it for 10 years, gave them his all, and was the reason for their success.