Our Common Goals

The ThompsonsGreg and Mia continue to build this company with their own sweat, toil, brains and brawn over the past 6 years. We have two goals here at Pennsylvania Tree Service, Inc.: work as hard and as smart, and as professionally as we can, and give you the best service humanly possible. To that end we are responsive to your calls, responsible on the job, we leave your property spotless, we keep a schedule, we keep you posted, we get the job done. We do it everyday, and we are so proud of the product that we can offer you, and so grateful to have the business, and to call so many of our customers our friends in the end. Greg works with his crew of workers 6 to 7 days a week from 7 am to dark, and then joins Mia in the office in the evening touching base with customers, returning calls, scheduling, and working together with her to prepare the way for the next day.

Greg and Mia ThompsonPennsylvania Tree Service

Beyond our collective professional qualifications, Greg is Pennsylvania Tree Service, Inc. And he represents us with a whole lot of class. We all know that it is rare treat to do business with an ethical person. It comes to this: to know Greg is to love him. He is passionate about his life’s work, and tireless in his devotion to his business, and his family at home, and wishes only for a good meal at the end of the day, money to pay the crew at the end of the week, and if he is really lucky, perhaps a good nights rest. During those rare moments when he is not working, you might catch him riding his motor cross bike, or fishing on his little boat down the river every once in a while. He is good people. He will remind you of our grandparents with his kindness, genuineness, old-fashioned civility, and solid work ethic. As customers we all like to know that the person working for us is the kind of person we would like to be ourselves.

The Thompson FamilyPennsylvania Tree Service, Inc. will continue striving to surpass every other company we know with our professionalism, our passion, and also with the high quality of our product. It is also our intention to make your experience with us just the best you will have ever had with a contractor. Get to know us. You will adore Greg, and find Mia very resourceful, professional and a just a joy to deal with. When you are our customer, you are family. In other words, we won’t let you down.

Mia and Greg ThompsonThompson Puppies