EstimatesPennsylvania Tree Service, Inc. offers free estimates.

The only time we charge for an estimate is if we are called in to give an estimate to be submitted to an insurance company. Unfortunately, ice or rainstorms cause trees to fall partially or entirely. Sometimes they damage home or property, block the driveway, roadways, or create other similar emergency situations. Unfortunately, potential customers in this situation will sometimes take advantage of the highest estimate they receive for the tree cleanup, and submit that estimate to their insurance company. Then, they contract instead with tree guy who gave them the lowest estimate, and pocket the difference. This is not only an illegal practice on behalf of homeowners, but it is shameful.

In these situations when Greg gives an estimate, he knows that this can happen to him, and would like to protect himself from being used in such a way. We will charge a minimum estimation fee of $50 dollars that will be deducted from the bill should we do the work for you.