Patios, Walkways, Garden / Retaining Walls

Family time with Greg. This hardworking man really looks forward to those valuable little moments when he can relax at home, playing around with his three little children, sharing a giggle with Mia, and treating the family to steaks on the barbeque. We all yearn for those rare lazy Sundays, and summer evenings, when the sunset is warm and glorious, and the long work day is finally done, thank goodness. A person can dare to take a breather, and enjoy some solitude, or hang out with the people that mean the most. Good times. Memory builders. Can’t have enough of those times.

Greg built his family a cozy and creative patio with really neat paver stones precisely for those good times. He liked what he built so much, he went to classes and became a certified expert in patio / paver stone, design and installation. For years he’s been designing and building beautiful walkways, patios, garden and retaining walls using natural stone. Now he’s got the know-how to work with E.P. Henry and Belgard modular paving stones for the construction of walkways, poolside decks, and patios. He uses these and other similar products for all sorts of landscaping, accent, and retaining walls too.

People really love them. Patios, walkways, garden walls – they immediately create old-world charm and character for a newly built home. They also add square footage to the house, opening up lovely living spaces people never thought they had. This kind of home improvement project almost always increases the property value right away. Wall and walkway paver stones can also give an established property a fresh new look, especially when they replace an unappealing, outdated, or damaged surface.

Greg and the guys will work with you to make your hardscaping plans a reality. Let’s get those good times going at your house for many years to come!