SnowplowingPennsylvania Tree Service, Inc. develops a snowplow route every year just after Halloween. We offer snowplowing, salting ( using only environmentally friendly “salt” ), and shoveling. Greg himself faithfully snowplows each customer’s driveway so he can be sure the very grueling work is done right. Snowplowing is tricky, and requires an operator who really has skill and experience. It involves long, freezing, dark hours, working non-stop. The safety of Greg and your property, and his truck is important.

Snowplowing, like everything else we do has to be done with precision, and with perfection. Therefore, We have a very controlled number of snowplow customers concentrated in a limited geographical area, arranged into a set route. This way, we can serve the folks on the list better. This kind of organization is important so that we can face each snowstorm with confidence, and be ready for action.

While Greg is out plowing, Mia is by the phone during the entire event. She stays by the phones to help customers with emergencies, and giving them updates. She is in constant contact with Greg via radio so she can get his status, and he can know who needs what from us. As he plows each property, Mia prepares the billing. We keep excellent records of our invoicing, which could otherwise get confusing if we get hit with a lot of snowstorms. We send out bills immediately following each storm, and prompt payment is always preferred.