Tree / Plant Installation

Q: What do we install?

Larger trees ( 10’ 18 tall, and ‘ 1/12 caliper around and up ) also smaller trees, saplings and larger shrubs.

We can install many different species of trees and plants, deciduous, and evergreen. We prefer to install species native to Pennsylvania. They have a better chance of thriving in our soil and with our weather patterns.

Tree InstallationPlant Installation

Q: Where do we get our trees?

We prefer to use private nurseries, that are native to PA, they specialize in trees that are indigenous to the area. We think these are healthier trees, and have a better chance to survive.

Q: When should we think about planting?

inSpring is best. The ground is moist, there is regular rain usually, its cooler, and can take root more easily — before summer’ heat.

Fall is also very good for planting, because the ground begins to cool off from the heat, and the conditions will be easier on the newly installed specimen. Winters snow and winter’s dormancy will help preserve the tree / plant until the spring thaw, and it will well rooted and ready to begin to sprout.

Summer is a time to plant, but not the most ideal time. It is hot and dry. Planting in the summer requires a big commitment to watering, and you can risk loosing what you’ve installed.

Q: Do we guarantee our work?

We will install only quality specimens that we acquire from only the very top local/native nursery farms. We will guarantee new installation for four months (a season) after they are installed. Care and maintenance (especially watering) of newly installed trees or plants becomes the responsibility of our customers and / or their gardeners and landscapers.