An Arborist Can Remind Us Why Trees Are So Important

Arborist Tree RemovsalAn Arborist knows that green spaces are crucial to our health and quality of life. He or she will also tell you that healthy plants and trees are not just pretty decorations for our yard. While they are lovely to behold, they are also vital for the natural environmental goals of the planet itself:

  • Trees slow down wind – so plants and seedling trees grow better. Trees block the wind from our homes, and can thus help decrease your heating bills come wintertime.
  • Trees also give shade, and protect us and our land from ultraviolet radiation. Shade is both refreshing, and certainly helpful to cool our homes in the summer.
  • Trees do a great job absorbing pollutants, and provide us with valuable Oxygen that we need to breath.
  • Trees stabilize banks, and sustain the soil against erosion.
  • Trees muffle noise.
  • Trees sustain the hydrocycle, which is essential to proper seasonal changes, whether, and new growth.

Arborists are key players in the cultivation of trees for farming. Yes, trees are “farmed” and cultivated like any other natural resource that is useful to mankind:

  • Trees are grown in nurseries and farms for the purpose of planting or landscaping, in your backyard, for example, or installed around new construction, or on reforesting, environmental projects. Farmed trees are also grown to replace those cut down to be processed for their innumerable uses to us.
  • Trees are timber, and timber is used as building supplies to build almost everything from the smallest houses to the tallest skyscrapers, bridges, furniture, flooring, and fences. — and for so much more too, don’t forget that trees make paper. So there is an never ending need demand for trees to mill.
  • Trees become fuel, as in firewood, and eventually coal.
  • Trees feed us, bearing fruits and nuts, and berries.

And like any other important and useful natural resource, Our trees have to be protected and kept from exploitation. Arborists are on the frontline of that, acting as guardians of our very valuable trees.

Trees provide ideal and essential habitats for all the woodland creatures with whom we share the land – giving an immense diversity of species shelter and food. Trees form green corridors connecting habitats with each other. Wooded areas keep the circle of life alive and well.

At the end of the day, wherever green things grow, an Arborist is your best ally in preserving it for generations to come.