So, What is a Certified Arborist?

A Certified Arborist is that special person who’s dedication to the Earth’s green places: trees and forests, plants, flora and fauna — motivates him or her to seek formal study at the university level to gather as much knowledge, education, and training as possible to be able to be most effective as they pursue their life’s goal to work among and for the good of especially trees and our wooded environments. Whether these wooded environments are natural or designed, the Certified Arborist has all the tools in his belt to help them thrive. A Certified Arborist prepares himself to someday be able to give the best effort he can to you and your neighbors so you can keep your properties as lovely and lush as you would hope for.

Tree CraneCertified Tree Aroborist

It is a comfort to know that a Certified Arborist has completed extensive, intensive, and comprehensive course work in subjects ranging from biology, botany, plant health care management, tree diagnosis and treatment, safe work practices, environmental science, agrimanagement, advanced pruning and planting techniques, and business management , etc. These student-Arborists must pass a series of tough exams to achieve certification. Most student-Arborists wisely choose to balance their academic training with solid practical, professional experience over a number of years. Combining real-world tree work with academics produces true mastery.

There are several professional organizations for Certified Arborists. The International Society of Arboriculture is an example of this. You can get in touch with your local / state chapter for a list of Certified Arborists in your hometown. This can be a good starting point when you’ve got tree work to be done. You may find that members of these kinds of professional organizations will generally uphold the highest standards, are quite reputable, and show the most proficiency while working on your behalf.

What’s more, to remain certified, like many other professionals, the Certified Arborist is required to complete continuing education courses throughout his career. By taking these courses, the Certified Arborist can accumulate credits, and stay current with this ever-changing industry. As we all know, continuing education course work can be challenging to an otherwise busy professional’s schedule. However, the savvy Certified Arborist can really come to appreciate the new information, techniques, and yes, exciting developments in world of arboriculture that they learn about in these courses. New standards are constantly being established and progressive scientific advancements happen all the time in the tree industry. Continuing education makes your Certified Arborist better prepared to tackle your tree dilemmas.