Why is Doing Business With a Certified Arborist a Good Way to Go?

Greg ThompsonCertification is super important to keep in mind when choosing among the estimates you receive for your property’s work. When you call a tree service from the yellow pages, and the guy coming out to give you an estimate at your house is a Certified Arborist; and then that same Certified Arborist is the guy that does the actual work on your trees, then you can really feel like you have struck gold. You can have confidence that this person, the Certified Professional, can determine the condition of your tree, prescribe treatments if needed, and in many cases can apply those treatments.

A Certified Arborist is definitely the go-to person who can examine your treasured trees and give you primarily two key things: an honest and accurate evaluation. The Certified Arborist can offer you solutions and treatments to confront tree diseases. Their assessments are backed up by years of education and training, in many cases years of professional experience, not to mention adoration of and commitment to the outdoors.

In the tree business you will find a lot of guys who show up to your house with a banged-up pick-up truck, a couple of chainsaws and are ready to cut it all down, cheap and messy. Yikes. Buyer Beware! It should be a huge “red flag” to you, disturbing, when a “tree guy” doesn’t give you a thorough and learned evaluation of your tree problems, and offers no diagnosis, and no alternatives. These jokers are too anxious to take trees down without any formal training, with sometimes frighteningly inadequate insurance, shaky reputations, and worst of all, without a single care for your property, especially your trees. Remember, just because a guy advertises in the yellow pages, and has some dubious equipment, does not necessarily mean he knows anything about trees. So choose carefully, and don’t just go with the cheapest price, you may end up paying for it in the end.

Meanwhile, Certified Arborists can usually diagnose diseases and or infestation problems and will refer you to a Certified Applicator who can apply the proper control measures. The Certified Arborist can give you alternatives to tree removal if at all possible – like dead-wooding, or careful, healthy pruning to promote new growth. If a tree can’t be saved, or if a tree is unavoidably a danger to your house, A Certified Arborist will let you know. You can trust a Certified Arborist because they are not in the business to take trees down capriciously. They are not in the business to make money off tree removals, they would rather save and maintain the trees you have. So when an Arborist says to take the tree down, you know he’s speaking to you with sincerity.