Garden and Retaining Walls

Using the same materials that we use to build hardscapes, we can build decorative walls around your garden, along the driveway, next to walking paths, or wherever you wish.

Garden and Retaining Walls

Q: When is a retaining wall necessary?

We can build retaining walls. They resemble the garden wall, but while they are more practical than a garden wall, we can still build them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

A retaining wall helps to maintain a level area for building. Retaining walls become necessary when any drastic grade change occurs on your property:

  • New construction
  • Grading or re-grading
  • Naturally occurring dirt run-off
  • Erosion due to whether like flooding or poor drainage, or draught
  • Erosion due to poor construction

We can also build or rebuild retaining walls as a preventative measure to inhibit future erosion.